Jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015

On August 28th, our school took us to a trip to 'Panaca Viajero'.

In there, we learned so many amazing things about nature and we had the opportunity to interact with a lot of pretty cute animals.

At the beggining, we were in a show where they were trying to tell us how important is the nature for our lives, and how much the people who live at farms and stuff help us to get all of our resources, specially the food.


Then, we learned a lot about some animals; such as dogs, cats, sheeps, horses, cows, bulls and other amazing-weird animals that we didn't know before.

There was a lot of delicious food, but also it was really expensive. The options wer hot dogs, juices, fruit, ice cream, hamburger, and others...

At the end  we enjoyed an spectacular show, in which a man taught us the difference between some races of cows, horses, dogs and sheeps.

The dogs made a show in which some of them jumped across people without even touching them, and it was very fun.

A teacher could milk a cow!

We learned hot to recognize the good cattle, their uses, where we can find them, etc.

It is definitely a great experience and everyone should visit it!!

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